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Have you been thinking about opening an IC Markets account?

If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right page. Here will try to outline everything we can in regards to getting your IC Markets account up and running.

This page should be an excellent resource to go along with our IC Markets review which is also available.

Opening an account with the Australian based broker is not a difficult process, and in many cases it can be complete in just a few moments.

There are a variety of account types and options to choose from. This is as you would expect from a top forex broker such as IC Markets. Through this page, we hope to provide you with some useful insight into all of the key features which IC Markets has to offer.

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IC Markets Available Account Types

Opening an IC Markets account of any type should not pose too many difficulties. Getting to know the broad range of features and categories which the broker operates should also come quite easily.

In order to help you better understand these areas, we have compiled a convenient guide to each key feature of the broker as follows:

Demo Account Opening

An IC Markets demo account is the very best place you can begin. Here you can learn so much about how to trade within the infrastructure provided by a top broker. To assist you even further, we have completed an IC Markets demo account tutorial. This should put you on the right track to getting your demo account up and running.

Standard Account

The IC Markets standard account is one of the most common starting points for a huge amount of traders. It provides a selection of excellent features, the ability to avail of top trading platforms like MT4 and cTrader, and access huge degrees of leverage. All of this whilst still retaining complete transparency thanks to the ASIC regulation of IC Markets.

MT4 True ECN Account

MT4 is of course one of the most respected trading platforms in the industry. This works in perfect harmony with the IC Markets True ECN account. This account provides all the great benefits and leverage of an IC Markets standard account, but with even more competitive spreads.

cTrader ECN Account

If you are more a fan of cTrader, then IC Markets also gives the option of opening the IC Markets cTrader ECN account. Again, this provides you with the same great benefits, but you can use cTrader as your trading platform through this account.

Swap-Free Account

A swap-free, or Islamic account is an important option with any of today’s top forex brokers. This is something which IC Markets swap-free account also offers. Here you can trade and know that you are in full compliance with shariah law at all times. This includes no interest on overnight positions and leverage. All you need to do to fulfil your request is contact the customer support team at IC Markets and they will gladly help you out.

MAM Account

If you are a money manager or a trader operating multiple accounts, IC Markets is the place for you. The IC Markets MAM account makes the MT4 trading platform interface very easily available for use with multiple accounts. It is also perfect if you are using EAs to implement your trading system.

This is the ideal choice if you are looking for a top quality broker with very competitive spreads who has been a professional in the industry for many years.

Micro Account

Trading for the first time can be a daunting prospect.If that is the case, you should really consider opening an IC Markets micros account for the best options.

Not every broker offers micro account, but IC Markets does provide for those traders. You can trade with micro lots as low as 0.01. This greatly helps you manage your own risk profile whilst still trading and learning more about the platform.

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IC Markets Account Openings

An essential element of signing up with a new broker is not just about understanding the account types, but also the features and functions of the broker in regular use. This includes everything from how to verify your account to what you should do in the event of getting some error messages or wishing to close your account.

Here is an explanation of some other areas which could be useful when you decide to trade with IC Markets.

Live Account Opening

The best place you can start, once you have tried out an IC Markets demo account, is an IC Markets live account. This really is the gateway which could help you progress your forex trading career. The IC Markets account opening process is also fast and convenient. You are just a few minutes and simple steps away from opening.

Minimum Deposit

Of course when you are getting started, it is great to know the minimum deposit of the broker you are dealing with. In this case, the current IC Markets minimum deposit is $200 or equivalent.

Account Verification

Verifying an account can be a challenging task with some brokers. Luckily that is not the case with IC Markets. The IC Markets account verification can be completed in just a few easy steps. These are again vital in ensuring compliance with the regulations.

Although IC Markets are a no ESMA broker, they still require some identity and proof of residence documents to verify your account. These can be quickly and easily uploaded online.

Account Funding

IC Markets account funding is available through a number of sources. Credit and debit cards are all accepted as well as Skrill and other web wallet options. This means you have a range of choices when funding your IC Markets account.

Thanks to the transparent regulation and security of the broker, you can also be sure that each deposit is placed in a segregated account at a top-tier bank within Australia.

Invalid Account

In some rare instances, you may encounter an IC Markets invalid account error message when logging in to your trading platform. This simply indicates that you username or password may be incorrect and should be double-checked.

Account Currencies

Having your own currency available for trading is always a positive thing. This is something which IC Markets recognizes in the provision of 10 different base currencies for trading. This means you can choose your own native currency with ease which should, in turn make your trading experience a more positive one.

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