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IC Markets is an Australian based online forex broker that was established in 2007 in Sydney, Australia. Ever since its inception, it has grown drastically over the last one decade to become a global brand with its presence being felt across the sea in Europe and Asia.

IC Markets Trading Accounts

IC Markets offers a host of account types to cater to the different tastes and preference of its many clients. With a trading account, a client will be able to execute trades on the various instruments on offer. Among the accounts available for pick are:

  1. Ctrader account.
  2. The true ECN account.
  3. The standard account.
  4. The demo account.
  5. Islamic account

The Ctrader Account

The Ctrader account is an account type that runs on the Ctrader platform and operates on a true ECN environment. Among the features of this account type are:

  1. Leverage of 1:500.
  2. Spreads starting from 0.0 pips.
  3. Awesomely deep liquidity.
  4. Fast order execution.
  5. Flexible lot sizing.
  6. Commissions of $3 per $100k.

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The True ECN Account

The true ECN account is an account type that prides itself in being a true definition of an ECN type account. Among the notable features of this account type are:

  1. Uses the Meta Trader 4 platform.
  2. The commission is charged at $3.5 per lot per side.
  3. Spreads starting from 0.0 pips.
  4. Offers a vast range of trading instruments from 64 currency pairs, 15 major equities, and indices among others.
  5. Leverages from 1:500.
  6. Flexible lot sizing.
  7. Accepts all major currency units in transactions.

The Standard Account

The standard account is the basic account type and is suitable for both experienced and also those new to the forex trading concept. This account type is run by the Meta Trader 4 and 5 trading platforms and prides itself in having the fastest speeds in order execution.

The features of the standard trading account are:

  1. Fast execution speed of various orders.
  2. No commissions are charged at all in trading.
  3. Leverages of 1:500.
  4. Allows for high-frequency trading and scalping.
  5. Flexible lot sizing

The Islamic Account

The IC Markets Islamic account is an account type for clients of the Islamic faith who due to their faith do not opt for interest gaining accounts. This account type runs on both the Ctrader, Meta Trader 4 and 5 platforms. It is also a swap-free account type.

The IC Markets Demo Account

The demo account is an account type that is suitable for new clients with little or no experience in trading. This account type will allow a client to train himself or herself on the basics of trading. This is done by use of virtual funds that the client can trade in in a simulated trading environment.

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IC Markets – The company.security of funds

The company was established in Australia and for the years it has been around the sector it has managed to put the skill and experience gained to test. The results have been its expansion to various territories in Europe and Asia, making it a force to reckon with in forex trading. This has also helped it in the acquisition of partners in various regions that aid in its trading activities.

To improve its customer relations, IC Markets have the most professional workforce that works round the clock to ensure clients’ needs have been sorted out. The staff will answer any queries from the clients apart from occasionally offering advisory services on the product to the clients.

The firm is also legitimate in its operating model. This means it has all the right documentation in licensing and regulation from the concerned regulatory authorities in very territory it carries its operations from. These licenses are updated and include:

  1. A clean bill of operation from Australia’s Australian securities and investment commission ( ASIC)

In a bid to operate within the set rules and standards by the regulatory authorities, IC Markets seek to protect clients funds entrusted to it by its clients. To ensure the safety of these funds, IC Markets has crafted very stringent measures that will curb any mishaps with this funds. Among the measures implemented by IC Markets include:

  1. Segregation of clients’ funds by putting them in separate bank accounts from the one owned by the firm for its operating funds. 
  2. Insurance against a loss of clients’ funds.
  3. Having a strong relationship with credible banks that keep this funds.

IC Markets Trading Conditions

Minimum Initial Deposit

The minimum initial deposit to an account by a client stands at $200. This will serve as their base capital in trade executions as well as a shield from losses.


Leverages start from 1:500


Commissions are charged according to account type and start from $3.5 per $100k trades.

IC Markets Trader Platform

IC Markets use among the best platforms that help in enhancing the trading experience of its respective clients. The platforms are the Ctrader platform and the Meta trader platform.

The Meta Trader Platform

The Meta trader platform is an advanced trading platform from Metaquotes and comes in two versions the Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5. The Meta trader platform is versatile and can be used by various devices. This gives rise to the MT webtrader, the MT android, the MT iPhone trader and MT for mac. The various features of this platform are:

  1. Fast execution speeds on placing orders.
  2. Provides a host of advanced tools to enhance trading in charting, drawing, and analytics.
  3. Supports the stop loss order.
  4. Compatible with a host of devices.

The Ctrader Platform

The Ctrader platform is another platform that IC Markets use. Among its features include the following.

  1. Offers advanced charting tool.
  2. User-friendly interface.
  3. Mobile platforms are free on download.
  4. Ease in accessibility.
  5. Fast execution speeds.

IC Markets Promotions

The following are the promotions currently on offer at the IC Markets platform.

  1. Open an Islamic swap-free account during Ramadan and get 40 free trades.

Withdrawals And Deposits

IC Markets offer almost 15 different channels in account funding and withdrawals and they include visa and MasterCard, PayPal, Neteller, skrill and also bank transfer. There are no charges on either withdrawals or deposits and with fast processing time in deposits of 1-2 hours. Withdrawals take a longer time of up to 72 hours to be processed.

Briefly About IC Markets

This is a very commendable forex trader that offers the best trading conditions and is well appreciated by its clients. A look into IC Markets customer reviews and comments will give you more than one reason for opting for this trader.

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