IC Markets Rebates and Discount Program

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How the IC Markets Rebates Program works

IC Markets Rebates Program is by far one of the best and most transparent rebates program offered in the whole of the forex market. At IC Markets, client-centricity, client-convenience, and transparency are at the core of the company’s philosophy. Keeping true its philosophy, the IC Markets provides real-time rebates/commissions discounts to all its registered clients (those who hold their account under IB Partner ID: 2677) directly into their account(s).

As the name indicates, the IC Markets Rebates Program provides rebates or discounts on commissions or spread charged to clients. These rebates or discounts are provided in real-time in the form of an on-the-spot deduction from gross commissions or spread applicable depending on the client’s account type. To know more about IC Markets account types spreads and commission structures, click here.

We offer IC Market’s rebates across all types of accounts.

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IC Markets Rebates and Discount for Each Account Type

MT4 TRUE ECN Accounts: Recommended

All True ECN accounts that are enrolled for the rebates program under IB:2677 (this site) will receive an automatic 21% real-time discount on forex trades. This is a savings of $1.50 from regular commission price of $7 per round trade. When your rebates become active your new fixed commission fee will only be $5.50 for both the open and close of trade.

MT4 Standard Account

Standard accounts that are upgraded to rebates status will have lower spreads by 0.4 pips.

cTrader ECN Account

Normal cTrader ECN accounts are charged $3.0 every USD 100k volume traded. Sign-up through us and receive a lifetime commission savings of 8% effectively reducing fees to $2.75 (per 100k/vol).

Fastest way to get the IC Markets Rebates

Joining the IC Markets Rebates Program is a very quick and simple process, just follow these steps.

New Client Process

All new clients need to complete the following five simple steps to start receiving IC Markets Rebates discount:

Step-I: Click to Sign-Up and fill-in your primary details (first name, last name, e-mail id);

Step-II: Choose your account type (individual or joint or corporate) and enter other personal details. At the end of Step-II, a checkbox (shown in the image below) will appear. All you need to do is the click the checkbox, enter “2677” under the Refer ID. This ensures you are placed under the Rebates program offered by IC Markets Discount site. Proceed to Step-III by clicking “next”.

Step-III: Configure your account: choose your trading platform (cTrader or MetaTrader5 or MetaTrader4 or MT Android or MT iPhone or MT Mac); choose your account type (true ECN or standard) and select base currency for your account;

Step-IV: Complete a simple questionnaire;

Step-V: Upload documents and fund your account.

Existing Client Process

The IC Markets Rebates Program is available for all existing clients too. In order to be eligible, all existing IC Markets clients need to send an email to the IC Markets Accounts Department (accounts@icmarkets.com) stating you want to join the Rebates Program under IB Partner ID: 2677. Alternatively, all existing clients can also message the IC Markets live chat and with the same request. For the sake of your convenience, we have created a template email below. Simply copy-paste the text, fill-out your account number and name, and send it either to IC Markets Accounts Dep. or IC Markets live chat IC Markets Discount.

IC Markets Discount You will receive a confirmation over your registered email id soon after your account is placed under IB Partner ID: 2677. Once this is done, you will start receiving rebates/commission discounts automatically for every new forex trade you place from any of your IC Markets True ECN Account.

The IC Markets True ECN Broker provides real-time rebates/commission discounts directly into your account without any delay. This feature is unrivaled and unlike any other Forex broker. The reason that IC Markets delivers exhilarating customer-service is the reason it is the world’s largest TRUE ECN Broker.

If you need assistance in signing up please feel free to reach out to us on our contact page.

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