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Why IC Markets?

There are a few reasons that are formative in the popularity of the IC Markets. The following are among them:

  • As opposed to other available brokers, IC Markets is in favor of any popular trading platform, such as MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5, and c-Trader, and offers numerous trading tools for each (Trading Central plugin, for example). What it means is that you can get various trading pairs of currency pairs, CFDs, and crypto.
  • IC Markets is also suitable for beginners into CFD trading; however, even being the best broker, it does not offer a lot of information on market analysis. 

What makes the IC Markets a safe ECN Broker?

What actually makes the IC Markets safe? In this IC Markets review, we have touched upon how safe the broker is. Let us remember the story of the company. IC Markets was founded in 2007. It is an Australian service. The head office of the company is located in Sydney. The service is top-rated. Every day, more than half a million trades are completed, without any hidden trading fees in EUR/ USD concerned.

International Capital Markets Pty Ltd is controlled by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. IC Markets EU Ltd is connected to the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. IC Markets Ltd has to deal with the Securities Commission of The Bahamas. The Financial Services Authority of Seychelles takes responsibility for Raw Trading Ltd.

If we look at how users’ money is kept, IC Markets can be considered a safe platform. Some special trust accounts are created so that they are connected to some trustworthy Australian banks.

It should be mentioned that IC Markets has won some awards, such as Best Forex trading MT5 Broker 2020. A lot of users and a huge number of trades completed every day were noted. However, if you do not own retail investor accounts, IC Markets is less safe for you since other accounts lose money when there is zero on balance.

What we consider notable

  1. In our IC Markets review, you will find a comprehensive guide on using the main features of the service. We always give our honest opinion on all the main features a trading platform offers.
  2. Moreover, we make a list of the most significant advantages and disadvantages of a trading platform. You will also find investment advice and other information about the company’s history and reputation. We will provide you with facts so you will be able to understand how reliable IC Markets is. Be sure to find out up-to-date information concerning all the prices, deposits, trading fees (EUR/ USD), and other additional costs.  Keep reading our IC Markets review to find answers to all your questions.
  3. International Capital Markets Pty is regulated by the Investments Commission, as well as Cyprus Securities, Exchange Commission, and the Financial Services Authority. It can offer you some of the tightest Forex spreads, starting at 0.0 pips and average trade execution of about 40 milliseconds. CFD traders, as well as Forex traders, put the  IC Markets among the most trustworthy brokers.

We would like to commence this IC Markets review by highlighting why this trading platform is considered worthy. IC Markets (EU, LTD) ECN Broker is one of the major companies that provide great options for brokers from all over the globe. It has its headquarters in Australia. The company is a business player, widely known for providing reliable CFD and Forex broker opportunities.

Which type of account to choose?

As has been mentioned above, you can choose a type of account that will be suitable just for you on MC Markets. There are numerous accounts. If you are new to this platform and sphere, you might be struggling with deciding which one is good for you. 

Below, we will talk about them in detail to make your decision faster and easier.

  • If you are starting your career as a trader owning a Demo account will be absolutely enough for you. It is the best choice for those who do not visit cryptocurrency platforms often.
  • Another option for those who are aiming at more advanced working but do not want to spend money on additional costs. But you have to be prepared to pay in advance for this account to be open for you. However, we would like to say that this kind is better for beginners. Experienced users might not be happy with it.
  • Another kind of account is called Raw Spread. For this type, you have to pay the same sum of a deposit. Unfortunately, it is not free, and the number of paying is pretty high. Moreover, with this type, you will not pay only once and forget about all the fees for the rest years. You are required to give money for performing trades. Unless you do it, it will not be possible to buy and sell cryptocurrency. For whom is this kind of account created? For specialists in the sphere and for those who earn a lot. They already have enough earnings to pay for a sufficient account and become even more successful. When you pay the fees, you will get an opportunity to work in better conditions. We recommend you trying this account for experienced users who know how to build a strategy, achieve their goals and sell and buy a cryptocurrency for the best price.

We want to draw your attention to that there is also the same type for the c-Trader platform. The sum that you have to pay for it equals the same amount as for the previous one.

  • Now, we are coming to the most developed accounts for those who have been in the cryptocurrency sphere for a long time. We are talking about pro accounts. Obviously, these accounts have the best indicators and conditions for buying and selling. However, even this type has a huge disadvantage. While others are protected by special laws, money on pro accounts can be in danger. Moreover, we have to warn you that it is extremely hard to get this account. It is not enough to feel like a professional and be confident in your knowledge and skills. You are required to prove how much you have earned as a trader and pass a test that is checking your knowledge of the matter.

You should choose an account suitable for you, depending on your skills. Please evaluate them honestly. If you are not interested in complicated analytics, you will not handle using Raw Spread and pro accounts. Choose a standard one. On the contrary, you will be bored using a standard or even Raw Spread account if you are already a well-known and successful trader. 

Also, do not forget to think twice about whether you are ready to pay some additional money for holding an account or not.

IC Markets platform – Options for trading CFDs

Let us note in our IC Markets review piece a broad range of cryptocurrencies that the IC Markets platform supports. The more currencies there are, the better a trading platform is. When performing operations concerning trading CFDs, make sure you choose the trading platform that supports at least some of the most essential and widely popular cryptos: cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum or Ripple & Litecoin, Dash Coin, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash. The limit of leverage is 1:5, which does not differ from other trading platforms. Moreover, spreads on cryptocurrencies like the ones mentioned above are generally much higher than on fiat currencies.

Educational Impact of IC Markets

Another huge advantage of IC Markets is that it can boast a well-considered and implemented user-friendly interface and is, in practice, extremely easy to use, unlike some of the other brokers. Moreover, you do not have to be an advanced trader with huge experience to become used to IC Markets. You will not find so many excellent services for educating yourself and becoming more professional in doing analysis.

IC Markets is a broker that is generally known for educating its users. The developers of the tool have created an impressive base of materials on the topic. You as a user also have access to market analysis that has been already done by the best specialists in the sphere. In addition, the same goes for online meetings and webinars.  Everything you need, you will have the opportunity to learn; in a concise period of time, too. So do not be afraid that IC Markets is too complicated, especially for you.

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How is ic markets trading?

You also may ask what exactly the IC Markets trading platform has to offer in terms of the educational material for people who are only at the very beginning of their career in all things trading and cryptocurrency exchange. First of all, IC Markets gives an opportunity for everyone to have free access to information. Surprisingly, you will not even be checked whether you are registered or not. That particular feature is always mentioned in any IC Markets review you will find on the web.

The IC Markets developers implemented their amazing ideas regarding how to structure and finding the place where to put all the materials they had. Nowadays, the mobile trading platform, as well, includes a wide variety of topics such as:

  • Technical analysis insights;
  • Trading psychology clarified;
  • Forex basics explanations;
  • Risk management highlights;
  • Trading plan development;
  • Fundamental analysis options.

And also, Good opportunities to withdraw money effortlessly on IC Markets.

Even if you struggle from the very beginning, some videos on how to get started will help you. They include information on how to install the software and many more. There are also videos that were recorded by professionals and educators. Experienced people talk about technical nuances such as scalping, candlesticks, and patterns. If you are not that interested in technical details, we would like to suggest you watching webinars on market dynamics and market structure.

Searching for more information and want to predict trends on the global markets? Then you will enjoy reading an analysis blog provided by IC Markets. Even unregistered users can get updates every day. For registered traders, there is also Trading Central analysis available. It would be beneficial if you started trading not so long ago. Learn everything about technical analysis so you can analyze your own trades and predict which ones will be better to complete in the future.

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What about taking risks?

As a next part of the IC Markets review, we would like to warn you that trading means taking some serious risks. In Forex trading, every Forex broker using this Forex trading platform knows that there is always a chance that retail investor accounts lose money. That is because CFDs are very complicated. Because of the leverage, it might happen that some retail investor accounts lose money.

However, it is more likely to happen to an inexperienced Forex broker. An advanced Forex broker recognizes all the risks and knows how to avoid them. For one, the True ECN account makes micro trading possible. Also, the True ECN account deals with spreads that are a bit lower.

Extra Advantages of IC Markets

Let us talk about some advantages of the trading platform in our IC Markets review.

  • To begin with, since IC Markets is extremely popular worldwide, it is available in a wide variety of languages.
  • Moreover, it is easy to use customize in case you have some special preferences. But a desktop version of the platform is more suitable for advanced users.
  • It will take some time for a beginner to find some features. It is quite easy to use search functions on the Forex trading platform, though.
  • We recommend you to use the function of notifications as another advantage of the IC Markets trading platform. It will help you stay tuned and not let your accounts lose money. In addition, pay attention to the fee reports section.
  • It shows all the payments completed, so it will be easier for you to understand how much money you have spent and how much is there on your IC Markets account left.

IC Markets New Mobile App

As a following topic of the IC Markets review, we want to talk about a mobile trading app that was introduced by IC Markets with integrated trading robots. IC Markets has not only a website but also an app for trading. IC Markets mobile platform can be used by people with phones on Android and IOS. The particular service for mobile Forex trading is MetaTrader. The IC Markets stacks up considerably among the competition with its options.

 For our IC Markets review to be full, we have compiled a list of advantages and disadvantages. We combined the opinions of advanced Forex brokers.

The overwhelming Pros:

  1. The IC Markets app has a user-friendly design.
  2. IC Markets is easy to use even for beginners, with its market analysis option, especially.
  3. The app provides an excellent search feature.
  4. You will be notified By the IC Markets about the prices (which make the chance that Forex brokers’ accounts lose money while copy trading really low).
  5. You can use trading robots and apply trading signals to make copies of deals you make. High risk is eliminated.
  6. Copy trading is available on a global scale.
  7. Withdraw money quickly.

The few Cons: 

  1. The identification of a Foxer broker consists of only one step (therefore, it might happen that Forex brokers’ accounts lose money because of fraud).
  2. There is no new technology of Touch or Face ID for logging in.

Search for the mobile trading platform and get it on your phone and tablet to use it whenever you want. You will have an opportunity to enter the IC Markets-Live server.

Ic Markets broker – The Takeaway

The IC Markets broker, known to be regulated by the famous ASIC and CySEC, is a  broker that is allowing you to use complex instruments to avoid having a notoriously high risk of losing money, and quite rapidly as you are trading CFDs or Forex. The IC Markets product is the major ECN broker with a low minimum deposit opportunity available, as well as tight spreads with an average spread of 0.1 pips on the EUR/USD. You do not have to worry about trading fees that you have to pay when taking money from your account and additional costs because of high leverage.

For CFD and Forex beginners in trading, IC Markets has numerous interesting features: a considerable number of CFD trading services with low trading costs. Experienced Forex brokers will find pleasure in using IC Markets. Its well-thought trading conditions and fast execution are simply exceptional.

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